Our Process:

Sales Department

  • Sales forecast
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Build / import 3D model
  • Predefined data for all common precast element types
  • Tender letter design
  • Element calculation
    • Hours, Materials, Mould Build, Allocation

Project Management

  • BIM integration, design office
  • Booking of materials
  • Integration with financial systems
    • Invoice elements using the prices from the quotation
    • Automatically generate lists of elements to be invoiced
    • Sent invoices directly to bookkeeping software
  • Management Information System (MIS)
    • Free configuration pivot tables
    • Forecast analysis

Storehouse Management

  • Materials and time forecasting
  • Supply chain management
  • Smartphone App
  • Element calculation
  • Work / print / deliver from phone
  • Timelock-system
  • Rack management
  • Stockyard management


  • Production planning
    • Prefabricated elements (Default)
    • Hollowcore (Special)
    • Wall / Deck (Special)
    • Materials / Mould Hours budget warning
  • Rebar Module
  • 3D Module / PDF drawing display


  • Tour planning
  • Loading lists
  • Direct printout of delivery notes
  • Online tracking of delivery status
  • Cost

Erection On Building Site

  • Planning of erection days
  • Crew planning
  • Control erection with the App
  • Reports for erected elements and dates
  • 3D/2D erection planning module

Our Friends and Users

Our customers vary from large manufacturers with many factories to small local manufacturers. Today BETSY is used by more than 2500 users in 200 factories around the world.

75% of all German precast companies use our software, and after 35 years in business, practicality, robustness and high quality are assured.

Every year, we hold yearly user meetings where detailed feedback and suggestions are shared and help to guide the development and direction for Betsy over the next year. In this way, our users are a major part of the development of Betsy and have been so since 1986.​

Sales Department

Designed for precast concrete manufacturers

The software comes with predefined 3D data (geometry and time curves) for the most common elements.

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Project Management

Manage all aspects of your projects in one place

BETSY gives you the tools to control and monitor your entire project from sales to erection.

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Storehouse Management

Get your materials consumption in order

This module will search the storehouse for materials and give you a list of materials needed.

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Strong production planning tool for precast manufacturers

BETSY’s planning board is the heart of our software system with a complete overview of the project.

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Quick and easy Tour Planning

BETSY comes with barcode scanner and enables an easy overview of progress on Building Site.

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Quick and easy erection planning

BETSY makes it quick and easy to plan crews, element order and hours for each erection.

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Use only the modules you need from our software

We truly believe that technology should be friendly and that it should not become a source of frustration.

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Increase efficiency by using BIM technology

By using BIM integration in our software, we facilitate your tasks and make processes faster.

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About Us

We have more than 35 years as a software supplier to the precast industry!

Developed in the eighties by Wolfgang Ehlert and Thomas Wolf from IBB – Consultants & Engineers, BETSY is specifically designed for precast concrete manufacturers who produce beams, columns, TT and hollow core slabs, walls, stairs, facades panels, long span prestressed beams, etc.

75% of all German precast companies use our software, and after 35 years in business, practicality, robustness and high quality are assured.

We offer comprehensive support services for the efficient implementation and use of Betsy. The practical demands of more than 2500 daily users inform the constant enhancements that we make to BETSY, a benefit to all BETSY users!

Cloud software for prefabrication plants – From price calculation to invoicing, from work preparation to decision making reports for the management – this is our business!

Our Team

Betsy has offices across Europe in Germany, Denmark and Romania.

Thomas Wolf (Germany)

+49 331 23 70 150

Martin (Germany)


Rene (Germany)


Kai (Germany)


Makus (Germany)

App developer

Christian (Germany)


Kenneth Boysen (Denmark)

Constructing Architect
+45 22 40 90 07

Peter Nissen (Denmark)

IT Consultant
+45 81 65 57 76

Harry Boysen (Denmark)

Sales Consultant
+45 81 65 69 38

Catalin Nedita (Romania)

Sales Manager
+40 740 193 282

Dan Stavila (Romania)

Support Engineer
+40 774 474 864