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We truly believe that technology should be friendly and not a source of frustration!

BETSY gives you the option to use only the modules that you need.

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Betsy uses friendly and intuitive technologies to support increasing efficiency for users


Guide Materials and Tutorials: Betsy offers thorough documentation and helpful materials and each module benefits from a training stage which makes knowledge transfer easy for all users.

Experienced Development Team: Our expert in-house development team ensure that our solutions offer accurate applications that satisfy the the specific requirements of our clients. Every year, we hold a summit where we invite clients to give feedback so that we can keep developing, customising and providing the best product possible.

A Truly Open System: Betsy is a truly open system allowing you to incorporate data from spread sheets, CAD systems like AutoCAD, Tekla or IDAT. Data can also be exported to analytical bookkeeping, salary programs and master computers for carousel production machines.

Data Export Customisation: Exporting data to analytical bookkeeping always requires to customisation of the content to be exported according to the needs of the client and to apply the accounting codes that are provided by the client’s accounting system. The MIS helps to clarify what is really needed in the accounting and analytical bookkeeping system.

User friendly Excel-like interface

Enjoy a user experience similar to Excel such as undo functionality and other similar functions allowing for a fast workflow. Examples include CTRL+P = Print, CTRL + S = Save, CTRL + C = Copy and, ALT + V = open offer description.

Easy interation with other systems

Integrates easily with other systems such as 3D CAD, financial systems, logistics and barbending machines as well a integration of external systems through web services.

Easily generate totals with a couple of clicks

Easy totals generation with mouse over functionality. Run the mouse down over a large series of numbers and you immediately generate the total.

Multiple search and sorting options

Betsy offers multi-level search and suggestion options including the ability to group searches and to search across datasets. Examples of search options are, is like, is not like, is greater than, equals and many more.

Moulds in sales and in production

Betsy is unique compared to other competing ERP-systems. Materials and time costs can be calculated per mould and not per element. Considerations regarding the recycling and renovation of moulds are also and option.

Making your work more efficient

If you have a lot of cells, where for example numbers should be the same, this can be done very easily and efficiently. Select the desired cells and right click with your mouse, then type the desired number in “Set for selected cells” and all selected cells will be filled. It makes your work much more efficient and can be used in many areas of Betsy.

User setup on several levels

Create roles and assign them to individual users with different levels of access and rights. In that way access is only granted for the areas that concern you, or your staff.

Work on the same data in parallel

The cloud based synchronisation server solves issues with conflicts and merges data, so that several users can work on cases simultaneously.

Reports designer for all parts of the system

Design and create your own reports exactly according to your wishes, design the look of layouts, fonts, sizes, colors and much more.

Easily manage automatic invoice generation for internal invoicing

Manage different rates based on factory number. Assign a factory number on each estimation element.

Time-controlled export and import of data

The Task-Scheduler is a perfect way to manage the time-controlled export and import of data.

PDF-Viewer is integrated in Betsy

No need for client-side viewer installation. It is very fast and also works in the Betsy App.

In the cloud, either hosted with us or with You

There are many benefits of cloud based storage and backup. The cloud is more secure than any other type of storage space.

Warnings can be placed in all areas of betsy

Warnings can be placed on budgets, prices, materials and many more. It’s entirely up to you!