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Storehouse Management

Get your materials consumption in order

Stock management for all types of materials, balancing what comes in from suppliers with what is consumed for projects.

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Manage your stock and supply chain all in one place


Supply chain management, is integrated into the most important modules of Betsy, and throughout the process, from sales to invoicing, you will have control over your elements, materials and hours:

Sales Department Integration: As part of the sales process, we plan the expected consumption levels of individual materials and materials groups and can manage our storehouse accordingly, making sure that supply orders are placed in good time.

BIM Integration: From the BIM integration, the exact consumption data from the production drawings are obtained and required materials can be ordered directly from the supplier.

Planning Board Integration: Via the Planning Board, we can see exactly where and when the material consumption will be realised and when we will run out of materials in the storehouse. Betsy generates an alert when we don’t have the necessary materials in stock, not just on the day, but well in advance so they can be ordered in time.

Materials are not the only thing that we have control over. The same applies to the consumption of hours at the factory, not only total hours, but time set aside/sold in mould building, rebar, in storehouse, etc..

With the Betsy App, we can control a wide range of item statuses, from production statuses, like “reinforcement” ready, to placing the items in zones in the storehouse.

Orders and pre-orders can be made to different suppliers as required.


Supply Chain Management

With a few simple clicks, you can see what quantities of materials such as concrete, prescriptions, inserts, etc. are needed and when. You can also see what is currently in your stockyard, and what needs to be ordered.

Control your materials consumption

Through the Sales Department process you will have obtained the projected consumption of individual materials and materials groups for your projects. Betsy can then easily seach your storehouse to see what needs to be ordered so that everything is prepared in good time.

Stockyard management

Stockyard Management can be easily done with the Betsy barcode scanner App. Using the scanner App, the Stockyard responsible can assign a stock location for each element in order to be able to pick them out with ease before loading them for transport. ​The Stockyard Management system can also provide information on the stock values for various elements.

Betsy Timelock-system

With our App you can replace any timestamp system and let Betsy take over the registration of your employee’s hours. Furthermore, the system can be used for time studies, so that you can ensure that in the sales calculation, you have recorded the correct hours for each item.

Receive warnings when delivery dates are exceeded

Betsy will show warnings when the time between the production and delivery dates of an element is insufficient, or has shifted behind the latest production date, or whether the element cannot be produced due to a missing shop drawing, missing approval, missing reinforcement cage, project on hold, or any other user definable reason.