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Additional Modules

28 Sep, 2021

For plants with link bending machines, Betsy precast concrete software provides a dedicated REINFORCEMENT MODULE. Input is user definable, as is layout for rebar labels with or without 2D Barcode to transfer steering data or graphical representations of rebar shapes. The Betsy reinforcement module can also be used to collect rebar details from a shop drawing, to generate consumption lists per diameter, and provide graphical and/or shape code bending information.

Detailed, graphical mould planning can be done with the MOULD-PLANNING MODULE. Based upon graphical information, either from files in Unitechnik format, or even by picked geometry from plot-files, users can place individual prefab items on a mould in a graphical manner. Displacements and rotations of parts are possible and displayed directly. Three different types of planning are available:

  • planning on moulds one by one
  • planning on moulds in a carrousel system
  • planning on flat beds.

The results can be transferred to steering computers or e.g. directly to laser devices. Other modules available consist of:

  • MULTI-PLANT MODULE (per additional plant) – for plant-wise planning and material consumption, storage and loading items with PDA Barcode readers.
  • TRUE HOURS MODULE – calculation and reporting of net hours that is done by import of clocked in/out time clocks.