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Fast Transportation Tour Planning with BETSY

Easily export your transportation plan to your preferred freight providers, who will then process your request, easing the administrative burden and increasing quality and efficiency.

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Create your transportation plan
using Betsy’s dedicated module


Easily plan the transportation of your concrete elements: Based on the already existing data in Betsy, and from the production and design studio, it is easy to plan the transportation of your concrete elements. With a range of semi-automatic tools, loads can be divided quickly, with all the necessary information for the freight forwarder, driver and construction site.

Load / Tour Planning: Plan your transport in our specially designed layout that focuses solely on you having the necessary information in order to group and divide your elements into loads.

Planning can be done through the BOM (item list), with the 2D/3D model, or in a more detailed form, in our new planning model, where you can see the location of the elements on the different trailer types. During the planning of the loads, there is quick access to the production drawings and important data about individual elements e.g., warnings by consoles and other geometric data logistics that you will need to see during planning.

Easily generate documentation: After planning, reports can easily be printed for the various stakeholders involved in the process of delivery, from the caretaker, to the driver, logistics, construction site manager and assembly team, everyone will have the data they need at their fingertips.

Customisable Delivery Notes: Delivery notes can easily be designed to align with your brand and layout, or you can use our standard design. In the delivery module, all the necessary data can be added, including co-delivery parts to the assembly team and to the construction site.

Smartphone App for Android/Windows/iOS: The Betsy App covers almost all the functionality provided by the desktop version. Enjoy easy handling of stock through barcode scanning, track the status of of deliveries and print delivery notes directly without the need of a Desktop PC.

With the delivery module, you can easily and quickly print and book delivery notes

The Delivery Module offers you an overview of your upcoming deliveries, as well as all historical deliveries, which you can also edit. The delivery module also gives you access to the production date, warnings, and process information, so that you can be sure that all stages of delivery of the item are planned correctly.

Delivery and tour planning

The Tour and Delivery Tickets with all details (e.g. materials used during erection) are generated by the Logistics Department in accordance with the plan.​ The elements from a specific Delivery Note will have to be scanned to check the availability and stock location of the element and then loaded onto the truck to be used for delivery to the site.

Access loading reports

The loading list can be printed in different formats for different needs. A wide range of warnings can also be set up for logistics, so that the planning is as efficient as possible and the individual load utilises the maximum possible capacity.

The Betsy Smartphone App

It is possible to see the delivery note directly in the Betsy APP on your smartphone. The app can also be used for many other things such as, warehouse management, time management, planning board, transport, reports and much more.