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Management Information System

21 Sep, 2021

The Betsy Management Information System (MIS) is draws from all bookings entered into the Betsy project management tool and gives you a complete overview, helping you to stay in control.

As part of the system, used hours are usually entered into the reporting module. From the basic data entered, Betsy can know the profession of each worker and report their hours. As a consequence, the used hours per profession/production step per element and project can be calculated.

The system also reports the readiness of each production step so that all related materials can be booked efficiently. With Betsy MIS you can gain an easy overview of all information about used materials, hours, costs and revenues per project and/or in period as well as comparisons of estimated and true hours.

By clicking on any value shown in the MIS, a details window is opened which shows how this value was generated (drill down functionality). In addition the MIS tool enables graphical representation of selected information. Having arranged the needed information, you can save the layout for future reuse in another period, thus minimising efforts for report generation.

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