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Project center

21 Sep, 2021

The project center is the most important project management tool for project engineers. It mainly consists of:

  • the prefab element list with all dimensions, weights, mould to be used
  • production date
  • dates for drawing and element delivery
  • place of element in the building and in the yard
  • erection sequence number
  • delivery planned and repaired date
  • element production and delivery status.

A first prefab element list of a project can be derived from a copy of the items of the A-estimation or from a spreadsheet import from the design department. The joint use of a database ensures that all changes made in the prefab element list are automatically available in all other parts of the software.

All changes made in the planning board (production date or mould), or in the elements geometry (B-estimation), in turn, are shown in the element list. The project centre also contains all related general arrangement drawings (ga. drw.) data including the elements, belonging to theses drawings. The element labels of the ga. drws. can be used to show all element related data, thus combining drawing and database information in a unique manner.

Generally, information from marked elements in general arrangement drawings according to production progress (e.g., yellow: drawing available, green: element cast, blue: element delivered) is very useful, but only available to those who have access to these drawings. Betsy offers this information in digital form, allowing for entirely new working methods for erection and delivery planning. Based upon PDF files, element labels from database are visualised in a separate layer but displayed as a single drawing on screen.

In addition to the production progress which is shown as different label background colours, all other element data can be shown as part of the label (e.g., planned production date, planned delivery date, etc.). Successive clicks on selected labels can be used to determine the erection sequence. By defining a rectangle on the drawing, all elements in this rectangle are found and marked e.g., for the assignment of a common delivery date.

Derived from the delivery planned date, the drawing expected date is automatically calculated. As soon as an element is dropped, or shifted in the planning board, the drawing expected date is recalculated and updated automatically.

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