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Delivery planning

21 Sep, 2021

BETSY has special modules for precast transport planning and for invoicing. Based on the data created in all previously described parts of the software, generating a delivery note or an invoice is a task which is easy to do. Delivery planning and tour planning are done with the same application. All related papers are generated at the click of a key.

Using the additional program module for PDA’s with attached barcode readers, stock management is supported in the best possible way. For truck loading, the location of the elements is displayed on the PDA. Barcoding an element in the yard with the loading application, removes the element from the stock yard and books it on the delivery note.

The requirements for proper invoicing depend on the type of underlying contract. If you have a lump sum contract, invoicing is easy.

If, according to your tender, you have to invoice each individual element or if you have agreed to more complicated arrangements like invoicing additional steel under a specific tender item, or extra invoicing of special inserts, Betsy supports you through automatic generation of quantity proofs.

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