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Slab Planning

21 Sep, 2021

Element Slabs is a completely new Betsy module for precast concrete slab planning. It combines the known advantages of Betsy with special requirements aimed at Slab manufacturing factories.

The module enables the simple, fast acquisition and planning of element slabs from quotes on operation costings, production planning, and delivery notes, to financial statements. It offers the possibility to enter all important data and dates, which are then presented as a complete overview of the operation.

Milestones are represented by colours so that you can always keep track of the status of your projects. Problems caused by shifts of production or delivery deadlines are monitored in all program areas and the data concerned is highlighted by coloured markings.

Complex offers can quickly be created based on supplied, or user-defined templates. When quoting, you determine which positions are reported or are a part of a main item. This provides the opportunity to create lump-sum or partially lump-sum offers.

You can specify in which positions your allowances are applied. Discounts are paid as a flat rate, or to certain positions. Here, the contribution margin by item shown is always updated. In a few simple steps you can create, based on the offer, the order confirmation, and the operating cost estimate.

It is possible to import data such as CAD, for example, in Unitechnik format. In this case, all of the data plans are imported that are relevant for production and billing and automatically assigned to the relevant positions of the offer.

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